2005 Scion xB - First Generation

This car was purchased as a replacement to a 1985 Saab 900s. The Saab was our utility car for driving around town while we also had a Subaru as our "mountain/snow car." In my opinion, this first generation Scion XB is the best one. It was only sold from 2004 to 2006 at which point the second generation was introduced: faster and with a limited slip front differential option, but lower fuel efficiency, less visibility, and rounded corners which make the style less recognizable.

Why We Like It:

The First Generation xB is perfect. The interior is roomier than any other car/truck/SUV I've been in aside from a limo. I'm 188cm tall (6' 2") so I notice this. Even the back seat has plenty of legroom for a full sized human. It has very little trunk space, but this is not a problem for us. We tend to have either passengers or cargo, but not both at the same time. The gas mileage has been great - low 30s - which makes it nearly as fuel efficient as a fancy hybrid without the monetary expense and environmental damage of batteries.

Dislikes of the Scion xB

Some people dislike the way it looks. We don't care much. It is quite noisy, which is especially noticeable on the freeway. Whenever we switch from driving this car to a few days in the lexus we always enjoy just how quiet that car is.

Recent mileage

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