Knaddison Cars - About This Site

I love cars. Nikki...not so much. But she's willing to play along.

A few years ago we kept track of our mileage for a litle while but never really got into it. Now I think it's time to really give it a shot. So, here's what this site provides (or will provide):

1) A list of cars that we own or owned.
2) Mileage and maintenance information for those cars
3) A blog of stories about the cars and thoughts on the automotive industry
4) Photos of our cars

About the Knaddisons

We are Nikki and Greg. We live in Denver, but spend a fair amount of time in the mountains of Colorado and have traveled a bit in various parts of the Spanish Speaking world (South America, Spain, Mexico and Central America). Greg is a website developer, Nikki is a Spanish Teacher.