Rotating tires, oil pressure sending unit, transmission flush on 1989 Lexus LS 400

This was the first real maintenance on the Lexus, but it certainly needs a lot of help.

  • Rotating the tires, labor cost $20 for this service.
  • The snow tires were bald enough as to be providing very little benefit in snow compared to the summer tires so we swapped to the summer tires. In the fall we will need new winter tires. Cost: $15 service and $27 materials.
  • They advised that the oil pressure sending unit was leaking so we had them replace that. This was $156 in labor and $33 in parts.
  • And the automatic transmission was due for service, so we also had them flush that. I'm somewhat dubious of these kinds of services but if you plan to have the car for a long time then it seems worthwhile to spend a few hundred dollars every year doing maintenance like this to prevent a complete transmission problem.

He noticed that the power steering pump was leaking, the power steering fluid was low and that the rack and pinion steering system might also be leaking directly. This presents a performance problem but not a safety problem: it will take a little more muscle to turn the steering wheel if the fluid gets low again so I should just keep a bottle of steering fluid handy and top it up periodically. We seem to drive this car just 3,000 miles per year so it's hard to justify a $1,000 steering system overhaul vs. periodically topping it up.