2000 Subaru Outback Limited

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We have a...bad history with Subarus. The first Subaru we bought was a white 2000 Impreza. It was a great car, but when a pickup truck rear-ended it in 2004 our insurance company said it couldn't be fixed. We took the money and bought a 1997 Subaru Legacy, which was a great car. In the Summer of 2005 that car got rear-ended and again was totaled by the insurance company. After looking for another Subaru for a few months we bought the Scion XB and kept looking. Finally in November of 2005 we found this great Subaru Outback from Autonation Subaru.

Recent mileage

Recent car maintenance

Maintenance date Mileage Title
7 years 38 weeks 130,000.0 winter oil change for subaru