Does Toyota have an electrical defect or just a handful of bad drivers?

There's a post on Overlawyered about Toyota Acceleration and ages of drivers.

Some choice snippets:

The median age is 60.5; the majority of drivers are 60 or older; a third are older than 70. And I left out the case of a driver who was the son of a 94-year-old victim rather than guesstimate his age to be 65.

While "the customer is always right" is a prominent business adage, sometimes the customer is wrong.

I think most folks who were around at the time remember Audi's sudden acceleration case, but how many know the outcome of the case? The 60 Minutes t.v. show falsified a report to show behavior that required a canister of compressed gas in the passenger seat! And ultimately National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) after years of investigating 50 cases, decided that Audi was not at fault and the "sudden acceleration" were all cases of driver error.

Human brains are wired to find commonalities and patterns where none exist. When 50 people have problems with Toyotas accelerating uncontrollably maybe that's just because Toyota has a lot of cars on the road and a lot of the drivers are bad drivers.

Hat tip to the always skeptical Marginal Revolution.